Studio Sessions: 1 - 112 hour sessions


All Visits $150/EACH

You will meet one-on-one with a therapist who will analyze your posture and gait (your walking pattern). The therapist will then take you through a series of exercises designed to target your body's dysfunction. You will walk out the door with a customized routine of exercises. You will use this routine daily until your next appointment. Appointments are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. You will see and feel results immediately, however, restoring musculosckeletal function, and returning your body to its functional anatomical position is a process. On average, most people see their biggest changes within 8 visits.

Zoom Sessions

Meet one-on-one with a therapist through a 1 hour video conferencing session on Zoom.  A therapist will analyze your posture, gait (your walking pattern) and take you through a series of functional tests in order to design a customized routine that will help eliminate your pain.  Contact Us for more information.

Sessions: $100/EACH

Consulting for Therapists & Personal Trainers

Pain Free Pros offers consulting services to therapists (posture alignment specialists, massage therapists, physical therapists, exercise therapists, etc) and personal trainers who are interested in using PTX TherapyTM with their clients.  We will create an exercise routine for your client either through utilizing our Online Therapy or Skype services.  We also offer one-on-one cosulting to help posture alighment specialists improve their knowlegde and skills.  Contact Us for more information and pricing.


Easy Online Therapy

Personalized Therapy In The Comfort Of Home

Start today! Get pain relief without pills, surgery, and doctors. No waiting for an appointment or driving to a clinic.

Imagine having an easy-to-use therapy app that is customized to you.

Your therapy program will contain everything you need to relieve your pain quickly. Each program is 100% personalized to your pain, history, and ability.  Each exercise or movement assigned addresses the underlying cause of muscle and joint pain by correcting misalignments from head to toe to help end your pain for good. It’s the only program online that addresses the root cause of pain and then completely tailors your therapy to your personal needs.





  • A month of Posture Therapy - Recieve multiple therapy sessions and support througout the month
  • Every exercise routine includes a comprehensive evaluation by an expert therapist.
  • Cancel anytime - No cancellation fees

Photo Guidelines

  • Send a total of 4 pictures, showing the following views: Front, Left side, Back, Right side (see example to the right)
  • Need as much of the spine and joints visible as possible (ie. Men: shorts and no shirt; Women: shorts and tank top/T-shirt/sports bra)
  • If a shirt is worn, it must be rolled up above the waist so the top of the pelvis is visible from all sides
  • Hair needs to be pulled back behind the ears
  • No shoes or socks
  • Use an area with plenty of light
  • Place yourself perpendicular to the client when taking pictures so the camera is taking the picture straight on, not at an angle
  • Camera should be as vertical up and down as possible, not rotated in anyway, and in focus

Virtual Therapy Instructions

1. Register (New Clients Only)
2. Fill out Health History (New and Current Clients)
3. Email pictures to: [PHOTO GUIDELINES]
4. Wait for Invoice Email from Pain Free Pros
5. Make Payment (Use Invoice # From Email)
6. Wait for TWO Email Notifications – one will contain your login information, the other will inform you that your new exercise routine is ready.
**Do NOT login until you receive the second email
7. Login to PTX to see your exercise routine Go Here
Your exercise routine will be available within 24-48 hours after payment is received.