Are you ready to live your life again?

Tired of being in Pain? Are you still in pain despite drugs, painful shots, surgery, joint replacement and just about every therapy your doctor has prescribed? Has your quality of life declined because your pain prevents you from functioning day to day or enjoying the fun activities you used to? Has your doctor given up and told you there is nothing else that can be done for your pain? We can help!




Why Pain Free Pros?

Whether you've already exhausted all options or you're looking for an alternative that truly works, PTX TherapyTM will eliminate your chronic spine and joint pain resulting in a healthy, active and pain free life.

Personalized Workout Plans

No generic workout plans here. Each plan is specifically developed for you and your area of pain. You'll be able to log in to your PTX TherapyTM account and view your workout plan for the day, including text and video instruction.

Easy Instructions

Our entire system is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Log in, view your exercises and start your routine right away! We have image & video instruction for each exercise.

Quick Evaluations

It's easy to get started.  Whether in person, or online, evaluation is as simple as taking a few digital photos. After we analyze your images, you'll have access to your personalized workout plan so you can get started right away.

Amazing Results

You'll feel immediate results.  Most people experience a positive difference in their pain the first time they do their menu of exercises.

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Pain Free Pros has saved me! It was a miracle how effective the simple exercises were.

Jane, MI


The therapy puts a smile on my face, rather than a grimace, every time I slide my second foot into my underwear without having to hold onto the wall with my free hand! Small feat maybe, but a big deal for me!

Marilyn, MI


Pain Free Pros is an empowering experience!

Sarah, OH


Pain Free Pros therapy has improved my self confidence and self esteem. All soreness has left the body. It is AWESOME!

Sandy, MI


I knew from the very first visit that posture therapy would be the ticket back to pain free motion.

John, MI