Marilyn, MI

Marilyn, MI

I first started seeing Pain Free Pros in 2010 after seeing my sister have such wonderful improvement in her mobility. I've struggled with inflexibility through the load joints since having two lower back surgeries. Now I can once again climb the ladder to the loft and the ladder to the deer stand one foot after the other, rather than left foot first on every step. The return to flexibility in my hips and accompanying body parts makes my life much easier! The therapy puts a smile on my face, rather than a grimace, every time I slide my second foot into my underwear without having to hold onto the wall with my free hand! Small feat maybe, but a big deal for me! I highly recommend Pain Free Pros to all. Everyone deserves to live well. Being committed to doing the menus prescribed is a great way to honor one's self. It is a gift to have such knowledgeable guidance and teachings from Charlie. He has imparted a great deal of wisdom regarding the body and how it works. His expertise is greatly appreciated.
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